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POWER you can depend on.

As the world of distributed energy moves towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, and the continuing emergence of battery, solar, and wind become more of a priority, the importance of reliable back-up power has never been more critical. Whether as a substitute or complement, our power systems are highly engineered, comprehensive systems which, through technologically sophisticated development and manufacturing processes, including the design, sourcing, prototyping, testing, and engineering capabilities allow us to meet your unique specification, requirement or application.

sustainable clean energy
custom generator with control panel

Our products are quality focused where pride of workmanship is embraced. It is through new technology and excellence that our power systems have become the standard.

Browse our library of submittal documents to learn more about what makes our products great.

Learn how our products and solutions ensure reliability in a myriad of applications including critical infrastructure, and everywhere power is needed.

“Promoting the Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. brand was an easy decision. They build a dependable product, have incredible customer service, and are great people to work with. These are all qualities we are proud to stand behind.”
Joe Antonini, Vice President and Sales Manager, Mid Florida Diesel
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